Backing tracks recorded summer 2005 at Dead Trees. Vocals and additional sonic filth recorded in September, 2005 at The Death Anvil. Final mastering by RKF at the Death Anvil. Released by Crucial Blast in 2007.




SACRIFICE OF THE OUROBOROS (I SEE YOUR BLEACHED WHITE SKULLS ON A LONG AND POINTED ROW OF BLOODSTAINED STICKS) ++ 01) JESSICA ++ i hear voices : coming from the dead dog's ass : many voices : from the dead dog's ass : the voices tell me : thirteen heads : thirteen sets of eyes : wide blue eyes : dead blue eyes : the voices tell me what to do : the voices tell me where to go : when i stand in the alley : and look up to the freezing moon : the serpent speaks to me : the serpent tells me : the thirteenth head will speak : and it will light the final step : that leads to the serpent's throne : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the first to speak : ouroboros! + [JESSICA * I WANT YOU TO KNOW * IT REALLY TURNS ME ON * WHEN YOU SQUIRM LIKE THAT YOU WHORE * I'M SURE YOU'D SCREAM * IF YOUR MOUTH WEREN'T FULL * SEE HOW LONG THIS KNIFE IS? * TELL ME * IF THIS * HURTS] 02) LORI ++ i'm sorry : i'm sorry : the voices filled my skull : with a thousand dead roses : and i woke up here : with your blood on my hands : and your blood on the walls : and your blood on the bed : and your blood on the front door : and your blood on the clean white carpet : i can smell you : i can smell your blood on my hands : your eyes are wide : and blue : those wide blue eyes : so blue : and they're staring at me : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the second to speak : ouroboros! + [DID YOUR MOTHER EVER TELL YOU * WHAT A WHORE YOU ARE? * WELL SHE SHOULD HAVE * HOW DO YOU LIKE * MY LITTLE ROPE TRICK? * I REALLY LIKED KILLING YOU * BITCH * IT MADE ME SO HARD * WATCHING THE LIGHT IN YOUR EYES * GO OUT] 03) CHARLOTTE ++ you look : so beautiful : lying there : the black blood below : the stain grows wider: and darker : but your eyes : your wide blue eyes: they stay : the same : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the third to speak : ouroboros! + [YOU LAUGHED * YOU LAUGHED AT ME * ON THE BUS RIDE OVER HERE * YOU DIDN'T KNOW * YOU HAD NO IDEA * COCK TEASE * YOU SLUT * HA HA * YOU'RE NOT LAUGHING NOW * AND IT'S FUNNY * BECAUSE * NOW YOU HAVE SO MANY * NEW MOUTHS * TO LAUGH WITH] 04) RENEE ++ i don't understand : i don't understand : how did i get here? : be very quiet : don't make me nervous: i am owned by the serpent : i must obey : his every command : your wide blue eyes : you have nothing to worry about : you're so beautiful : you remind me : of a girl i once knew : i know the ropes hurt : i'm sorry : i'm only doing : what i'm told : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the fourth to speak : ouroboros! + + [BAD NEWS FOR YOU * YOU REMIND ME * OF THIS SLUT I KNEW IN HIGH SCHOOL * SHE WOULD NEVER TALK TO ME * SHE WAS ALWAYS TOO BUSY * TALKING TO PEOPLE * PEOPLE WHO WEREN'T * LOSERS LIKE ME * YOU SOUND JUST LIKE HER * SAME BODY * SAME ATTITUDE * SAME MOUTH * BUT NOW THAT MOUTH * IS MINE * YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO SLAVE] 05) CLAUDIA ++ i know it was hard : you were brave : your wide blue eyes : were shining : you nearly broke free : now you are broken : i'm sorry : it couldn't be helped : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the fifth to speak : ouroboros! + + [ATTITUDE? * I KNOW ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE * I WOULDN'T EXPECT ANYTHING ELSE * FROM A LITTLE BITCH LIKE YOU * ADMIT IT * YOU LIKED IT * WHEN I SLAPPED YOU AROUND * YOU LIKED IT * WHEN I TURNED YOU OVER * YOU WANT IT SO BAD * TODAY'S YOUR LUCKY DAY * I'M HERE TO GIVE IT TO YOU * AND THEN I'LL SHOW YOU * MY LUCKY KNIFE] 06) VELMA ++ what is this : this is not what i : expected : oh no : now we are both : soiled : unclean : unclean : i never would have done it : if i had known : but now : it is too late : the serpent tells me : because i have been faithful : and because of your wide blue eyes : he will consent : to accept this sacrifice : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the sixth to speak : ouroboros! + + [THAT'S NOT NICE * YOU FOOLED ME * FOOLING THEM IS OKAY * I UNDERSTAND * BUT FOOLING ME BITCH * IS A BAD IDEA * TOOK YOU DOWN * YOU TOOK IT * I LIKED GIVING IT TO YOU * THEN I TURNED YOU OVER * AND NOW I SEE * I AM UNCLEAN * THAT'S ALL RIGHT * YOU SCREAMED WHEN I HELD YOU DOWN * AND CUT YOU * BUT NOW * YOU'RE ALL WOMAN]
07) SABRINA ++ your long black hair : and : your wide blue eyes : you look like : a broken china doll : broken : the pieces scattered : you were nice : you were polite : the serpent spoke : and i knew what i had to do : you didn't understand : no one ever understands : so beautiful : once : so spoiled and broken : now : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the seventh to speak : ouroboros! + + [I'LL BET * YOUR MOTHER ALWAYS TOLD YOU * NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS * I'LL BET * RIGHT NOW * YOU'RE WISHING YOU HAD LISTENED * SCREAM ALL YOU WANT * NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU * AND I LIKE A WOMAN IN DUCT TAPE * I LIKE IT WHEN YOU SQUIRM BITCH * NEVER SHOULD HAVE ANSWERED THAT AD * I'LL BET * THAT REALLY HURTS] 08) CHRISTY ++ i've never seen : a pair like that : except in movies : you should have been : a movie star : that hair : your curves : that mouth : and those wide blue eyes : you should have been in movies : now : you will star : in crime scene photos : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the eighth to speak : ouroboros! + + [YOU SHOULD HAVE TALKED TO ME * STUPID CUNT * SO ARROGANT * THINK YOU'RE SUCH HOT SHIT * WON'T EVEN GIVE A MAN * THE TIME OF DAY * YOU'LL DO WHAT I WANT NOW * WON'T YOU? * GET ON YOUR KNEES * DON'T MAKE ME HAVE TO HIT YOU AGAIN BITCH * GET ON YOUR KNEES * THERE'S ONLY ONE THING A WOMAN WITH A MOUTH LIKE YOURS IS GOOD FOR * WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR * YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO * I LIKE IT BETTER * AFTER I CUT YOUR THROAT] 09) LUCY ++ there was no need : for your abuse : i am only here : to fulfill the serpent's will : it does not matter : if you do not believe in the serpent : he believes in you : only your blood : will please him : you were chosen : your wide blue eyes : you shouldn't have resisted : to offer your blood to the serpent : is your birthright : and your duty : it does not matter : your insolence : has been forgiven : you have atoned : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the ninth to speak : ouroboros! + + [I'VE MET HOOKERS WITH MORE CLASS THAN YOU * IN WHOREHOUSES * IN FACT * I THINK MAYBE I SAW YOU IN ONE ONCE * YOU SURE ACT LIKE A WHORE * TIGHT SKIRT * TIGHT ATTITUDE * TIGHT ASS * I LIKE YOUR MOUTH * YOU KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR MOUTH * BUT * YOUR ASS WAS BETTER * AND WHAT REALLY GOT ME OFF * WAS HEARING YOU SCREAM * WHEN I TURNED YOU INTO * A HUMAN PINCUSHION] 10) BERTHA ++ the death of a thousand cuts : begins here : i see the fear : in your wide blue eyes : i didn't want to do this : not like this : now you are broken : the serpent will be angry : i am unworthy : i offer unto the serpent : such broken and spoiled sacrifices : i am not worthy : of his patience : you have tested my will : and been found wanting : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the tenth to speak : ouroboros! + + [I HAVE TO TELL YOU * BERTHA * THAT YOU FUCK BETTER * WITH A BROKEN ARM * NOW LET'S SEE * IF YOU FUCK EVEN BETTER THAN THAT * WITH TWO BROKEN ARMS * WHAT DO YOU KNOW * YOU DON'T * TOO BAD * NOW YOU'VE MADE ME ANGRY * VERY ANGRY * NOW LET'S SEE HOW YOU FUCK * WHEN YOU HAVE NO TITS * UNTIL YOU BLEED OUT] 11) RITA ++ listen : you must listen : your salvation can only be achieved : through the grace of the serpent : your redemption can only be achieved : through the blood of the serpent : this world was not meant : for love : except love for the serpent : open your wide blue eyes : offer yourself to my hand : fulfill the will : of the serpent : i thank you : i have read the stains on the wall : rejoice : now you are one with the ouroboros : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the eleventh to speak : ouroboros! + + [I LIKE HITTING YOU * YOU MAKE THE FUNNIEST SOUNDS WHEN I HIT YOU * YOU'RE JUST LIKE ALL THE REST OF THEM * ONLY GOOD FOR * MAKING FUNNY SOUNDS WHEN I HIT YOU * WHORES LIKE YOU * MAKE ME SO ANGRY * THAT I'LL HAVE TO HIT YOU A LONG FUCKING TIME * TO GET HAPPY AGAIN * THAT'S ALL RIGHT * YOU WERE MADE * FOR ME TO BEAT INTO NEW AND EXCITING SHAPES] 12) JULIE ++ it has been revealed : i have been told : thirteen heads for the thirteen steps : to the throne of the serpent : only those who have offered a worthy sacrifice : may ascend to the throne : and gaze upon the wonder of the serpent : with wide blue eyes : so much blood : so much of your blood : soon i will drink your blood : and vomit it back into your empty skull : and : i am in the way of knowing : that your head : will be the twelfth to speak : ouroboros! + + [NAUGHTY NAUGHTY * CAUGHT YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND * DOING A BAD THING * YOU DID WHAT YOU WERE TOLD * I THANK YOU FOR THAT * DON'T YOU THINK * YOUR BOYFRIEND LOOKS GOOD IN A GAS MASK? * DON'T YOU THINK * HE LOOKS GOOD WITH HIS HANDS TIED BEHIND HIS BACK? * I PLUGGED UP THE HOSE * HOW LONG * DO YOU THINK * IT WILL TAKE HIM TO DIE? * WHILE WE FIND OUT * HE CAN WATCH * WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO YOU WITH THIS KNIFE * YOU ONLY THINK * YOU KNOW WHAT PAIN IS * GOOD THING FOR YOU * I'M HERE TO LISTEN TO YOU SCREAM]