Recorded / mastered December 2007 at the Death Anvil in Austin, TX by RKF. Released in 2008 by Faunasabbatha in a limited run of 60 copies. Korperschwache on this release is: RKF -- guitars, efx, pained vocals; Doktor Omega -- sexy death beats


1) lamentation for a martyr with a head full of shrapnel
2) nanking
3) the illusion of will
4) dead flowers
5) theater of mysteries
6) o beloved angel of death


1) lamentation for a martyr with a head full of shrapnel

black smoke billows into the night
as the ancient cities of gold burn
broken bodies perforated by shrapnel
blood on the faces of the stunned believers
one man
one mission
holy delusion
holy dynamite
poisonous ideas
lead to extreme action
and the transformation
of a nation possessed

seeking sanctuary
seeking sanctuary
you will discover
there is none to be found

restless tribe
bent on vengeance
lost in memories
of a time long gone

fear and hate
delusion and power
bombs and guns
death to unbelievers

religious fervor
a call to action
a call to arms
there will be blood

a violent struggle
old as time
a lust for power
even in death

fear and death
waves of terror
crushing the spirit
of the hopeless dead

ancient grudges of corrupted faith
culminate in terrifying explosions

ancient beliefs of eternal superstition
culminate in grief and suffering

ancient rituals of blood on blood
culminate in automatic weapons fire

ancient warriors from out of time
cultivate obedience through terror

ancient philosophers steeped in lies
cultivate a suspension of rationality

ancient leaders grasping for power
cultivate a culture of destruction

ancient fools enthralled by mysticism
cultivate a season of endless waste

gaze with fear
at the shattered skull
of your beloved martyr
as her blood runs freely
into the tear-stained ground

rend your garments
scour your scalp with knives
wail to the sky
who will save you now?

-- RKF 12/29/07

2) nanking

the word comes down
the emperor has decreed
there shall be no more
prisoners of war
if it comes from the emperor
then it surely must be so
we go forth into battle
with our swords drawn
as we approach
the city of nanking
we sharpen our swords
and hone our skills
with the contest of one hundred
who will be first
to claim the prize with his sword?
scorched earth is their defense
if it stands, then it burns
we watch and we laugh
as the peasants flee like rats

the taking of the city
is an exercise in chaos
fire by land and air
death comes to visit
retreat is their answer
desperate fearful soldiers
hide in civilian clothing
the ones who try to flee
end up shot in the back
the ones who escape the city
flee to the river
only to find
no vessels waiting there
gripped by desperation
they leap into the water
and are carried to the shore
drowned like rats

six weeks of occupation
descends into madness
cruel blood sport becomes
the rule of the land
slaughter and perversion
rape and mutilation
murder, theft, and arson
and butchery with swords
burying peasants alive
just for fun and laughs
using women and children
for bayonet practice
rounding up the women
to service all the soldiers
a spiraling descent
into abomination
as the bodies mount
and death fills the air
desecration of the flesh
committed by two-legged rats

-- RKF 12/29/07

3) the illusion of will

maxims and arrows
an ideal for life
one must be a philsopher
to discover the meaning of truth
who is the greater mistake
man or god?
history looks backward
as historians devolve
and become backwards themselves
the only truth of history
depends on whose side you believe
the four great errors
of the improvers of man
cannot erase the maxim
or the boundless will
the formula for happiness
is in a line like an arrow

why so hard?
i say, why so soft?
why so yielding
and cursed by self-denial?
do you seek destiny?
are you willing to be hard?
it is a blessing to be hard
it is a blessing to impose your will
on the craven tablets of millenia
the hardness is within you
if you will only extend your reach

-- RKF 12/29/07

4) dead flowers

you were so beautiful
when you were mine
you are less beautiful
now that you are gone
once you ran with the wolves
now you cower with the sheep
never will i understand
what makes foolish humans
do the foolish things they do
never will i understand
what makes foolish humans
do the foolish things they do
i gave you everything
yet it meant nothing to you
i set you free
yet you wanted to be chained
i offered to you all that is real
yet you desired only dreams
wrapped up in fairy tales
you blinded yourself
and no matter how i tried
you would not open your eyes
perhaps this is why
you are happier now
wallowing in mediocrity
in the company of sheep

now you have chosen your path
and so i have chosen mine
the sheep do not deserve you
and so i shall take you away
not to take you back
for you are unclean
and unworthy of desire
not to save you
for you are tainted
and unworthy of affection
i shall wipe you forever
from the face of this earth
and you shall do the same
for all the sheep you serve
and so i say unto you
this is what i come to give
i bring unto you dead flowers
and a handful of plague

-- RKF 12/29/07

5) theater of mysteries

blood on the ground
blood on the walls
blood on the faces
of the true believers
staged exercises
in blood and horror
the beautifully nude
draped in offal
hiding in the womb
of the slaughtered horse
crucified in the nude
and wrapped in guts
wide blue eyes
with blood on the lashes
the passion play
goes on for days
beneath the rays of the sun
beneath the wide blue sky
the audience watches
as they mystery unfolds
an ancient tale
the worship of the blood
everyone knows
that when the time comes
sooner or later
there will be blood
there will be blood
there will be blood

actions speak louder than words

-- RKF 12/29/07

6) o beloved angel of death

o beloved angel of death
i await you
with open arms
and a knife in each hand
to plunge into your eyes

o beloved angel of death
i can hardly wait
to see you
blind and helpless
as i bathe in your blood

o beloved angel of death
all my life
i have waited
to put my hands
around your throat

o beloved angel of death
i have dreamed
only of this
to run your black wings
through the shredder

o beloved angel of death
i am not like
all the rest
i am not impressed
by centuries of fear

o beloved angel of death
are you now
so terribly surprised
to become a victim
of your own scythe

o beloved angel of death
i say to you
walk with me
in the lengthening shadows
in the valley of bleached white bone

o beloved angel of death
i can only say
this much
you cannot avoid me
i am your loveless fate

o beloved angel of death
do you not
find it strange
that even you can tremble
in the inescapable face of doom?

o beloved angel of death
here i stand
without fear
ready to carve out your eyes
and feed them to you one by one

(after the break)

o beloved angel of death
i stand before you
with open arms
ready to introduce you
to the mystery of the soul

o beloved angel of death
do you know
what i want
just to hear you howl
drenched in blood

o beloved angel of death
don't you see
i only want
to set you free
and take your place

-- RKF 12/30/07