Recorded / mastered by RKF during January, 2008 at the Death Anvil in Austin, Tejas. Released by Cut Hands in a limited edition of 70 copies. Korperschwache on this release is: RKF -- guitar, efx, grotesque vocal emanations; Doktor Omega -- beats, time, big sexy headache.


1) the king of self-immolation
2) all roads lead to the zero
3) i watch with rapture as the sky eats itself
4) wolves lie in wait in the freezing wind
5) blind eyes watching
6) i weep with joy as the earth swallows me whole
7) the sultan of psychosis (paranoiac, heal thyself)


the king of self-immolation

wandering through the streets
where no one knows my name
wandering through the streets
burned by an inner mounting flame
a life of depression
a life of isolation
dead inside
waiting for the final curtain
dead inside
with a purpose still uncertain
i am only waiting
for the clarion call
i am only waiting
for the clarion call
i am only waiting
for the final moment
i am only waiting
for the will to disintegrate

dead souls speak to me
through the drain at night
voices from the great beyond
whisper in my waiting ear
transmissions from over there
visions of another world
a world of silence
a world of darkness
a world of eternal night
a world of emptiness
very soon
i shall cross over
and become one
with the waiting dead

my feet take me into the night
into places where the sane
do not dare to go
in find myself before a door
in an forgotten alley
with no name
the door speaks to me
the door swings open
a bloody hand beckons
and i step inside
behind the closed door
voices whisper in darkness
and when there is silence
i know at last what i must do

as the black sky rots
from the inside out
i shake the steel can
and bathe in gasoline
i strike the match
and burst into flames
as my flesh begins to melt
as my bones begin to char
as the black smoke rises
i laugh
i laugh
i laugh

-- RKF 1/27/08

all roads lead to the zero

blinded by your own sick rage
locked in the eternal struggle
as the walls close in
as the sky turns black
surrounded by emptiness
distracted by alienation
consumed by failure
drowning in despair
driven to the unholy edge
of the beckoning abyss
you seek answers
where there are none
you seek the safety of light
where there is only darkness
there is no sleep
for one such as you
only death delivers
the peace you crave
you know deep down inside
that death is the only answer

black and poisoned roses
scattered at your feet
sharp and poisoned thorns
prick away at your soul
you stand in defiance
of a bitter and tainted world
you shake your fist
at the rotting sky
and receive no answer

can you feel it?
the cold dead wind
that cuts through your soul
and waits to carry you away
can you hear it?
the keening of dead souls
calling your name
calling you out
calling you down
holding a spot just for you

consider this your training
in the ways of despair
consider this your education
in the school of obliteration
consider this your study
of the shapes of sadness
consider this your vocation
the reduction of the spirit

the science of degradation
the chemistry of immolation
the art of disintegration
the literature of flagellation
the physics of alienation
the algebra of disconnection
the geometry of despair
the calculus of emptiness
all equations are equal
all equations are terminal
erase the blackboard
all roads lead to the zero

-- RKF 1/29/08

wolves lie in wait in the freezing wind

night falls
the cold moon rules
over a frozen wasteland
wolves rise
beneath the freezing moon
hungry and ready to feed
white teeth
gleam in moonlight
bright eyes
gleam in moonlight
bare trees rise
to a barren sky
in nature's retreat
the wolves hold sway
over their dominion
in the still of the night
the wolves come out
for feeding time

endless night
filled with hunger
the only sound
unearthly howling
powerful jaws
close upon the weak
beneath a freezing moon
the wolf pack descends
the air is filled with blood
as the wolves begin to feed

-- RKF 1/29/08

blind eyes watching

blind eyes
blind eyes
everywhere you go
everyone you see
their eyes are upon you
all the time
all the time
all the time

blind eyes
information about you
blind eyes
information about you
everywhere you go
eyes are prying
everywhere you go
eyes are prying
ferreting out
your darkest secrets
always seeing
your deepest fears
all the time
all the time
all the time

blind eyes
waiting to discover
blind eyes
willing to interpret
you have no recourse
their numbers are legion
the eyes are everywhere
too many to count
your life exposed
your life an open book
no matter how you hide
they will always find you
all the time
all the time
all the time

blind eyes
all the time

-- RKF 1/29/08

the sultan of psychosis (paranoiac, heal thyself)

do you hear the voices
calling unto you
do you see the signs
of ominous portent
are you aware
of the forces against you
you know it has always been true
the spies have always been there
you know there is no escape
from those who wish to smite you
with nowhere to run
with no place to hide
there is no safety
death is the only answer

isolation is your friend
alienation is the way
you do not seek out others
for you know there is no trust
you must stand your guard
and watch your back at all times
there are no innocents on the street
only deceptive agents of destruction
the only way to fool them
is to pretend they don't exist
to make them believe
you have no feelings at all
go about your business
while secretly making plans
never writing anything down
never speaking to a soul
when the time comes
for them to learn your real intentions
for them it will be too late
for you there will be redemption
in the healing power of fire
and the power of gasoline

-- RKF 1/29/08