Released on cd by Crucial Blast in 2011. Comes in a digipak with booklet. Recorded January - April 2010 by RKF at the Dissonance Factory in Austin, Tejas. Mastered by James Plotkin. Art direction by Adam Wright. Cover art by Nicole M. Boitos.


RKF -- guitars, vox, ambivalence
Doktor Omega -- beats, time, decisiveness

Brian Farmer, Sarada Holt, Noel Lairson -- additional vocals
Maddy Ferguson -- keyboard on "lost girls" and "evil walks"


1) there is a certain smell attractive to wolves
2) ouroboros: first lesson
3) the rearing elephant
4) the city of lost girls
5) heaven's gate
6) me and you and a can of gasoline
7) burning man
8) evil walks


1) there is a certain smell attractive to wolves

i dreamed of you last night with a thousand knives in your back
you looked so surprised and the points, they were so sharp
for forty days and forty nights
insects bathed in the blood on your back

even in the absence of light
i know exactly where you are
i can smell you
stinking drunk with fear

pardon me while i bathe in your blood

do you remember... my sweet?
those innocent days
before i hacked off your hands
and fed them to the dogs?

2) ouroboros: first lesson

For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of the Serpent.
And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this judgment.
Whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow.
For what is your life?
It is even as a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.
There is a way that seems right to a man, and its end is the way of death.
The Serpent is not the author of confusion.
We ought to obey the Serpent rather than men.
The word that the Serpent has spoken will judge him in the last day.
What will a man give in exchange for his soul?

3) the rearing elephant

i hear the elephant
where are you
all i see
is the blood on my knife

i am invisible
to your world

do you remember
what we did in the cave

there will be penance
i offer you eyes and ears

i can smell you
i will bring you
pain and fear
a glimpse of eternity
spread your bloody wings
show your true self

you seek the wrong man
your ignorance keeps me free

i am the butcher's son
i come alive when i hold my knife

no part of the animal
must be wasted

the traits of the elephant
nobility, grace and gravity
patience, perserverance and power
reserve in times of peace
wrath in times of war
the elephant takes care of its own
no part of the animal must be wasted

4) the city of lost girls

5) heaven's gate

the streets of gold
are empty now
and wet with blood
the glittering bricks
have been pried up
one by one
as the angels stand by
and weep
their palaces rubble
beneath a blood-red sky
as black smoke fills the air
and the fields of heaven burn

the great shining temple of heaven
is on fire now
black rain falls
from a blood-red sky
but the fire will never die
the great shining throne of heaven
is gone now
into the abyss
it has fallen
never to be seen again

the blackened remains
of the fields of heaven
are filled with shattered angels
their wings now burnt stumps
their throats slit one and all
their swords still clenched in their hands
before the gates of heaven
and the padlocked gates
with the sign written in blood

6) me and you and a can of gasoline

standing in back of the train yard
me and you and a can of gasoline
you with the match and the shaking hands
me with the meth and the stolen gun

your golden days of happiness
are over
just like the guy with the third eye
with his brains on the sidewalk
and his blood on your hands

yes, it never should have happened
but you know,
shit happens sometimes
you think and you worry and you plan it
just to watch the wheels come off
you never should have gotten this habit
but i can handle it myself
of course

there's death in your eyes
and you won't stop shaking
you're sick and your bones appear
with every step you're taking
your gun waves around
because you can't stop shaking
you beat your wife to death
for the shit you're taking

you can't undo the thing,
you shot him
if you ask me,
he deserved it
that's what he gets
for ripping people off

if you're so unhappy
why don't you end it
here's a can of gasoline
now you can take a bath

you can light the match,
no question
if you can make your hands stop shaking

7) burning man

why so serious?

someone took a knife
and made me smile all the time
the makeup of a clown
hides the scars
the beautiful scars

i live in the zero
i believe in nothing
nothing but anarchy
now that's a good time
the joy of chaos

knives, guns and gasoline
i like to watch the world burn

there is no freedom
in the rules of society
everything good happens
when you tear it all down
anarchy is freedom

i use the blade
to catch the emotions
that come squirming out
when i plunge the blade in
and the light fades from their eyes

i'll burn your world
i'll burn it right the fuck down

8) evil walks

there's a fancy word
for people like me
it makes me feel good
to watch people die
i just can't describe
the feeling i get inside
when i see the light fade
from your dying eyes

i've tried to live
by your silly rules
but darkness descends
every time
i can only laugh
at the sound of insects
wishing they had
my powerful mind
you are all so tiny
and insignificant
we might as well be
a completely different species

i see you can't resist
watching me
every day
wherever i look,
you're always there
you know you want me around
i don't care what the papers say
i can do what i want
i have a friend
and my friend is my gun

you lied to the jury
but first you lied to me
you know that you liked it
you can't fool me
you say you didn't want it
well, what about that tight shirt?
you say it doesn't matter
you should know better than that
i'm going to teach you a lesson
you'll remember me
you won't do to another man
what you did to me

if it gives you comfort,
you can pretend
these things will never happen to you
but even you can see
everything happens to somebody
when will it be your turn

evil walks (etc.)