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... and a few other goodies.



I know, I need to do these updates more frequently... or you could just see the Korperschwache page on Facebook (see right sidebar). Anyway. FEAR OF A BLACK METAL VAGINA was released by Ram Horn Records in a limited cassette run that's already sold out (oopsie). POSTCARDS is still in limbo, but currently available for listening on the Soundcloud account (see right sidebar). THE UNPUBLISHED NOTEBOOKS OF ERICH ZANN will be available from Instincto Records sometime in January 2015. SUICIDE KOMMANDO will be available at some point on Abject Renaissance Records. Three tracks have been recorded for an impending split with Tenebrious. Work proceeds (slowly) on FALLING BACK IN FIELDS OF FRIENDZONE.


Has it really been over a year since the last update? Well. Well indeedy indeed. Many things have happened since then. AS THE COLOR FADES FROM THE DYING PETALS was relesaed by Colony Records (Ireland). BLOODSTAINED POSTCARDS FROM THE BORDERLANDS was finally finished and submitted to Crucial Blast; more details pending. DISTURBING PUBLIC FETISHES (aka the Ballard tribute), was recently released by Inferior Meat Products in an extremely limited run. Now finished: FEAR OF A BLACK METAL VAGINA, recorded for an impending casette release on Ram Horn Records. In the works: two albums for two different labels, more live appearanes in Austin, perhaps even more regular updates.

Watch the Korperschwache Bandcamp site for digital releases of out-of-print and obscure titles, coming soon.


Finally, a long and overdue update. HEARTWARMING TALES FROM THE GOOD BOOK is now available on cassette in a limited run of 100 from Fort Evil Fruit (Ireland). Production of AS THE COLOR FADES FROM THE DYING PETALS is in the works, and should be available from Colony Records (Ireland) later in the fall. Progress continues to be made, slowly but surely, on BLOODSTAINED POSTCARDS FROM THE BORDERLANDS. A collection of the working demos for said release is available for public consumption at the Soundcloud account.


Lots of stuff happening. Progress is being made (slowly) on BORDERLANDS; the final mixes for AS THE COLOR FADES FROM THE DYING PETALS will be sent to Colony Records this weekend; "Alcohol Poisoning," a track from the Public Guilt release IGNORE THE NEED will be included in the MIND THE GAP cd compilation accompanying the latest issue of GONZO sometime this month; and compilation tracks have been sent to various places, including a forthcoming release on Instincto Records and a compilation to help pay for the medical expenses for Bran the Kitteh (whose human is Amanda Votta of The Floating World). More information on this stuff as it happens can be found on the Facebook page (see right). Korperschwache has also acquired an iMac and Logic Studio 9, which should greatly expand recording possibilities and improve on the sound quality of future releases.


IGNORE THE NEED is here. More info at the Public Guilt website. Korperschwache is also now on Soundcloud; see right for the link. Work continues (slowly) on BORDERLANDS.


A HOST OF BAD VIBES is now available from the Russian label Abgurd / Rokot in a limited edition of 95 copies. It's doubtful such a small foreign release will get much traction on this side of the ocean, so if you want it, you should order it directly from the label. IGNORE THE NEED is finally inching its way toward complete existence; the digital-only version is now available here and the limited-edition version with a t-shirt, poster, and pin should be available via Public Guilt within the next couple of weeks. The box set page has been updated to include a belated set of liner notes. Recording has begun for BLOODSTAINED POSTCARDS FROM THE BORDERLANDS.


The long-awaited box set, NOTES FROM THE HOWLING ROOM: FIFTEEN YEARS OF SONIC IMMOLATION, is available now from Crucial Blast. The box set is available in a limited run of 100 copies; the individual albums are also available separately as digital downloads. The box set contains eight albums (five originally only available in limited runs on cassette, three never before released in any format), corresponding inserts bound in an obi strip, a vinyl sticker, and a button. For pictures and more details, see the appropriate page at the Crucial Blast website.

IGNORE THE NEED, after several unexpected delays, is inching toward existence and should be available within the next month.


Oh how the time flies.... Much has happened since the last update. EVIL WALKS is now available from Crucial Blast; more details here. The download-only release on Public Guilt (which will also come with a t-shirt and poster) has been delayed due to sinister forces of which we dare not speak, but should nevertheless be available within the next few months. A HOST OF BAD VIBES is tentatively scheduled for release on Rokot (Russia) in April. DISTURBING PUBLIC FETISHES will be coming out on Housepig sometime in the fall. AS THE COLOR FADES FROM THE DYING PETALS will hopefully be finished soon. Recording will commence shortly on BLOODSTAINED POSTCARDS FROM THE BORDERLANDS. Etc., etc., etc.

Korperschwache has also joined the social media bandwagon; see the sidebar at right. Look for Korperschwache on Soundcloud soon as well.


EVIL CRAWLS, the companion to the forthcoming Crucial Blast release EVIL WALKS, is now available from FNP as a free download. The album (available as a zip file in MP3 format) contains the original version of three songs later re-recorded for the final album, two remixes of those original recordings, and two tracks that didn't make the final cut and are exclusive to this compilation. More details here.

Korperschwache has a new track, "the vast indifference of heaven," on the new (and free) download-only MP3 compilation from Public Guilt. Entitled YOU'RE NOT AS WEIRD AS YOU THINK YOU ARE: SIX YEARS OF PUBLIC GUILT, the 21-track release (free, remember!) contains tracks from the label's catalog along with live and unreleased tracks, by the likes of Aluk Todolo, Aun, Darsombra, The Psychic Paramount, Strotter Inst., Terminal Lovers, Destructo Swarmbots, Zu, and more. Really, there's no excuse for you not to investigate this, seeing as how it is totally free. Download it here.

BLACK DUST will be available from Colony Records within the next couple of months. A HOST OF BAD VIBES should be appearing on Rokot within a similar timeframe. More details to come as the fog lifts.


A new Korperschwache interview is in the current issue of HEATHEN HARVEST. The double-cd A WAY DARK, a collaboration with To Blacken the Pages, is available now from Colony Records. Other stuff is still in the works.


The new website is up (finally). The following albums have been recorded and are waiting for release by various labels: DISTURBING PUBLIC FETISHES, BLACK DUST and A HOST OF BAD VIBES. The double-cd collaboration with To Blacken the Pages, A WAY DARK, is scheduled for release in early November. AS THE COLOR FADES FROM THE DYING PETALS is nearing completion. Work is already underway for the next album, EVIL WALKS.


FEAR THE HEX (3 x 60 cs in full-color box) is now available from Peasant Magik in a limited run of 100 copies. Three full hours of unreleased material on three cassettes with professional replication and printing. Comes with a printed card insert. In other news, the collaboration with To Blacken the Pages (Ireland) is still in progress. Two other new Korperschwache albums, THE PROPHECY OF SOUND and DEAD FLOWERS, are both in the final stages of recording.


BROKEN BLADES OF STEEL SCATTERED ACROSS THE NARROW WAY is now available from Crucial Blast in a digipak format with ultra-swank artwork; limited to 300 copies. EIGHT VELVET PAINTINGS FOR HELEN KELLER is also now available from Inam Records; limited to 100 copies. The triple-cassette release FEAR THE HEX is still in the works, but no release date has yet been scheduled.


DEAD FLOWERS AND A HANDFUL OF PLAGUE is now available from Faunasabbatha in a limited run of 60 copies. The site has also been updated to include discography information about everything that's currently available.


THE HEALING POWER OF PARANOIA is now available from Cut Hands. I don't have any copies of my own yet, so if you want it you should order it directly... and probably soon, since it's limited to 70 copies. FEAR THE HEX, triple-C60 cassette release, is finished and should be available from Peasant Magik sometime later in the year. The yet-untitled follow-up to BROTHERHOOD OF THE BOWL is nearly finished and should appear on Inam Records later in the year as well.


STAIRWAY TO HELL is now available from Dark Winter Moon Recordings as a 3-inch cdr limited to 100 copies. Note that the label has credited it to RKF. A split cd with Churner will be forthcoming shortly on the same label.


BROTHERHOOD OF THE BOWL is out on Inam Records now, limited to 100 copies. A few copies are available here via the STORE; there are also copies available through Public Guilt and Crucial Blast, among others.


Lots of stuff in the pipeline -- new releases, retooling of the SOUNDS page, and the addition of a STORE page. In release news, BROTHERHOOD OF THE BOWL should be out shortly on Inam Records; BROKEN BLADES OF STEEL SCATTERED ACROSS THE NARROW WAY and DEAD FLOWERS AND A HANDFUL OF PLAGUE have been completed and will be sent to their respective labels (Crucial Blast and Faunasabbatha, respectively) later this week; and THE HEALING POWER OF PARANOIA, scheduled for release on Cut Hands in the spring, should be completed within the next week.

There is now a STORE page listing items available for purchase directly from RKF, including a subscription service for a large series of out-of-print and unreleased albums slated to appear on Korperschwache's private label FNP in a couple of months. Visit the store for more details.

The SOUNDS page has been revised, partly to reflect that many of the items in question will soon be back in print via the subscription service, and partly to save disc space. More MP3s may be added back at a later date.


THE JOY OF SEPPUKU is available now from Dead Sea Liner (UK).


The second and third installments of the OUROBOROS trilogy, RITUAL OF THE OUROBOROS and SACRIFICE OF THE OUROBOROS, are now available from Crucial Blast. Each is limited to 150 copies.


The latest release, A MOUNTAIN OF SKULLS FOR THE CLUELESS COWBOY, is now available from the swell people at Public Guilt. This is a limited-edition 3-inch cdr in swank packaging with a full-color cover, blah blah blah. Get them while they're hot...! ALSO: The release is imminent for the second and third portions of the OUROBOROS trilogy; stay tuned for the formal announcement when they are actually available, which should be somewhere around the end of this month, if not sooner.

There are also a couple of recorded / mixed / mastered cds lyiing around the Korperschwache headquarters that have yet to be claimed by a label. Labels interested in hearing said material / putting it out, contact RKF at:
blackmetalassclown [at] yahoo [dot] com.


The site got hosed last month, but everything is back up now (well, maybe). Releases are still kind of in limbo for various reasons. Ditto for albums in progress. Lots of reorganization going on behind the scenes means that once the dust settles, perhaps there will be more concrete news. When will that be? Well, soon, one hopes....


New releases on the horizon soon, very soon... more information as things become more concrete. Korperschwache now has an MP3 page, currently listing MP3 files of a lot of out-of-print Korperschwache albums (and a few other new, unreleased tidbits). Feel free to investigate.

In related news, the final album by Autodidact -- RKF's former band, which ceased upon completion of that album and a few other unreleased tracks at the end of 2003 -- is available for the first time from Apop Records. See their corresponding page for more details.

At this moment, everything by Korperschwache is currently out of print, including the latest two releases on Crucial Bliss (TEMPLE OF THE DEVIL KITTY and VOICE OF THE OUROBOROS). That should change shortly; in the meantime, many of them can be heard in MP3 format on the aforementioned MP3 page. Two new albums, 21: IPOGFAAIGWTGPOS and THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM, are finished and looking for a home. THE JOY OF SEPPUKU remains in progress. Recording has begun on BEYOND THE BORDERLANDS.


Latest update to the site. Note the addition of two new items in the SCRIPTURES section and many new links in the WORSHIP section. TEMPLE OF THE DEVIL KITTY and RITUAL OF THE OUROBOROS are currently available from Crucial Blast.


Look to the left and it will become obvious that there are now some Korperschwache MP3s up on the site for download. Two are old compilation tracks: "the growing conspiracy," from the CASTRATION BALLADS VOL. 1 cassette [Loud Cat], and "ovencleaner," the Joseph Roemer remix that appeared on the AMERICANOISE cassette, where it was erronously credited to Chinawhite. (The original version appeared on the first Korperschwache C60 cassette, OVENCLEANER.) The other two tracks are new, recorded and mixed in the past week. Feel free to consume. Enjoy! All tracks are saved at high resolution.


New look debuts. More details on release dates for TEMPLE OF THE DEVIL KITTY and the OUROBOROS trilogy as they become available.


Korperschwache plays its second-ever live gig, and the first since the brief (aborted mid-set due to technical difficulties / Fiona-inspired "artistic hissy fit") appearance at Burning Flipside, Memorial Day weekend, 2003. The show was billed as "a night of loud sounds" and curated by Matt LaCommette from Aunt's Analog, held at Church of the Friendly Ghost in Austin, TX. Appearing on the bill, in order of appearance: Scissortail, Korperschwache, Aunt's Analog, Daniel Francis Doyle, Who's Jealous, and Gym Mat Nap. It was extremely loud. Everybody sounded great. DFD was godlike. It was also the debut of the new solo live Korperschwache guitar configuration, with a damaged noise guitar running through distortion into one amp and another guitar run through endless reverb, with both amps turned up to eleven. It hit the spot. Tragically, there is no audio or video documentation of said event due to irritating technical difficulties with the tape recorder AND Matt's video recorder. It was one of those nights....