Special thanks to the following swell human beings for their comments and contributions to the Skullflower site: Anthony DiFranco, Matthew Bower, Tommy Carlsson, Patrick Carey, grievous, the folks at VHF Records, Michael Hohendorf, Mason Jones at Charnel Music, Marten Sahlen, Everett Purdue, Richard Stanton, Paul Wild (Fisheye Distribution and Record label), Jethro Perkins, Eric Lanzilotta at Anomolous Records, Andrij Kopytko, Michael "Atze" Hasse, William Rieder, David Cotner, Taononstop (for the Ascension scans and info), Andrew Moon (for even more scans and discography poop), Ben Squires (for info on the Broken Flag, Iphar, and Shock pages), Mark Durgan, Shane Tappa, Nick Barrett, Ryan (spamking), Julio, Bleep for helpfully pointing out a Ramleh single that had been inadvertently dropped from the discography, and some guy named Dan whose email failed when i tried to reply to him for more info on the JFK comp track on TEARING DOWN THE BARRIERS.

Extra mondo uberthanks to Kristian Olsson of Sweden for the huge pile of Broken Flag / Iphar / compilation scans and more. Special thanks to Steve, PJC, and Brian Farmer for details on the Sunroof! and Hototogisu discographies.

A note for the interested: Tommy Carlsson, a frequent provider of arcana to this page, runs the PostMortem mailing list, which is devoted to industrial/noise bands like Skullflower, Ramleh, etc.

Special mondo thanks to Sacha Colgate for all the additional info on Skullflower, Ramleh, Ascension / Descension, Consumer Electronics, etc. Sacha would like to extend credit where credit is due, to wit:

Sacha's credits for discography and miscellaneous:

Anthony diFranco: For direct information, and especially for putting up with my idiot questions over the years. Cheers, mate.

Tony Irving: For direct information.

Stefan Jaworzyn: For the information regarding NEKROMANTIK.

Sacha's magazine sources:

HOE (1994) - Tony Irving discography.
CRANK #5 (1995) - Interview w/Stefan Jaworzyn.
IMPULSE #5 (1993) - Review of 'Melt' V/A CD.
MFTEQ #9 (1994) - Review of 'Dedication - Zweite Auslese' CD
GRIM HUMOUR Vol 1 #15 (1990) - JFK Interview
GRIM HUMOUR Vol 2 #3 (1993) - Review of Putrefeier 7" single.