There are reports of a magazine entitled FARBEN that may be a Broken Flag publication. Subjects included are squassation, prossneck, necrophilia, incest, and so on. Supposedly Philip Best was involved in the magazine's production.

Tommy C. adds: Farben #1 is a neatly produced 16 page A5 affair. Subjects covered are anal intercourse, paedophilia, incest, Dr. L. Pazder, The Unification Church, Son of Sam, the Auxonne nuns, Catalepsy, Peter Sutcliffe and Lizzie Borden... Also a nice hate-letter from Club Moral's DDV is included. This is the only issue I have seen of Farben, and as far as I know there was no #2. The last Broken Flag magazine that I have is one called Even When It Makes No Sense. This one appears to have been published sometime late 1985. By far the most interesting of the bunch, this contains pieces written by Jonathan Briley, Giancarlo Toniutti, Paul Lemos, Coup De Grace, Nails of Christ. Artwork by Ferial Confine, a longer piece on Gurdjieff (anon.), ”Difficult Music” by John Smith (Interchange magazine) and some Toll stuff. Good one. 22 pages, A5.

Kristian Olsson generously donated scans of the magazine mentioned above. The scans are large, so they are presented here one page at a time, cover to cover.

BF 01 cover
BF 01 page01
BF 01 page02
BF 01 page03
BF 01 page04
BF 01 page05
BF 01 page06
BF 01 page07
BF 01 page08
BF 01 page09
BF 01 center spread
BF 01 page12
BF 01 page13
BF 01 page14
BF 01 page15
BF 01 page16
BF 01 page17
BF 01 page18
BF 01 page19
BF 01 page20
BF 01 back cover