Tommy C. offers the following information: I have three issues of KKK (King Krown and Kountry), #s. 2, 3 and 6. #2 is 40 A5 pages with various collages, articles (mainly on murderers), and ”statements,” and a short text by Philip Best. #3 is about the same size, contains BF info, Charles Manson, MB collages, texts on diseases, some fiction, and some music info. Comes with three A4 collages by Best, and a piece of P16D4 artwork. #6 accompanies the Crusade compilation tape (BF10). I actually have two versions of this tape. One that comes in an ordinary BF tape cover, with track listing on the cover. The other one comes in a tape box with no track info on the cover (just a concentration camp picture), and track listing in the magazine. This one is only about 16 pages in all, mainly consisting of collages (concentration camps...), the only writing is a text on this issue of KKK being the last, and that a new magazine will be launched (Farben...?).

Kristian Olsson generously donated scans of one the magazines mentioned above. The scans are large, so they are presented here one page at a time, cover to cover.

KKK 03
KKK 04
KKK 05
KKK 06
KKK 07
KKK 08
KKK 09
KKK 10
KKK 11
KKK 12
KKK 13
KKK 14