BF08: AXIS SALLY: For a full track listing of AXIS SALLY, please see the entry on William Rieder's MB page.

BF09: Rockwell -- HATE: This is a tape of American Nazi leader Rockwell speeches, with background music by Ramleh. This one is included in the "Awake!" box set.

BF12: THE FUTURE CALLS (soundtrack): According to Tommy Carlsson, BF12 and 26 appear to be recordings of the soundtracks for Third Reich movies. (BF12 is referred to as "withdrawn due to unforeseen problems" in the listing in KKK #6.)

BF26: THE PARTY DAY OF POWER (soundtrack): See the entry for BF12 above.

BF21: v/a -- LE COUPERET

Track list:

Sir Ashleigh Grove - Third Phase
Vortex Campaign - Live Tielt/Torhout
Ramleh - Live Emaciator
The New Blockaders - Le Couperet - 1
Citipati - Le Couperet - 2
Depilate Corps - Le Couperet -3 (Mission to Kill)


Track list:

Giancarlo Toniutti - Some Fibres
Ramleh - Emaciator (1982)
This Body I Mutilate - Carnal Direction
Depilate Corps - Assault
Mauthausen Orchestra - Bloodyminded
The Un-Kommuniti - Live 30-11-83
Assailer - Annihilation
Giancarlo Toniutti - Neocortex
LXSS - U.I.K. (Pt. 1)
The New Blockaders - Live 12-10-1983
The Un-Kommuniti - Spurt White/Cut Black


Track list:

Pacific 231/Egas L - No Communication Power
Falx Cerebri - Fucking World
Controlled Bleeding - Magnificently Born
Controlled Bleeding - Pursuit of Traitors
Mary-Uses Rated/Egas L/Pacific 231 - Blood Sucking
Next - The Flat Palm
Pacific 231/Egas L - Slop and Vomit
Pacific 231 - Painful Punishment
Falx Cerebri - Heartbeat
Ramleh - There must be More than This
Controlled Bleeding - Wretch
Controlled Bleeding - Fatigue
Controlled Bleeding - Sure
Pacific 231 - Efficient Sadist

BF37: Ramleh - 104 WEEKS: This is a compilation of Ramleh tracks from May 1982 - May 1984, with one previously unreleased song ("Anything Is Mine"). The sleeve says "Ramleh disbanded on 21st July 1984 until...."

BF40: Ramleh - AWAKE! box set: According to Tommy Carlsson, Broken Flag "...started using blue covers in 1985. The first release with blue covers that I know of is BF40, Ramleh's AWAKE. This was a posthumous 6 x C90 box with everything that Ramleh had recorded between May 1982, and July 1984. Maybe the switch to blue covers should be seen as part of the rebirth of a post-Ramleh Broken Flag...?"

BF45: v/a - RIPOSTE: Tommy C. again: "...after BF41 [Morality] the replies, extras and latecomers..."

BF51: Kleistwahr - DON'T LET GO: This is a compilation of BF3, BF15 and BF27, plus the Kleistwahr contribution to BF10: v/a - Crusade.