The cassette release from Putrefier. Mark Durgan doing power electronics, released on his Birthbiter label. I'm pretty sure (but not 100% certain) that A. DiFranco is on here as well. What little i know of this comes by way of Shane Tappa (who generously provided the scan):

"I noticed on your Skullflower page that you had little info on A. DiFranco's project Putrefier. I came across a copy of Beyond Scathing, which arrived today. It's unlike anything else I've heard by him, the first two tracks (the first takes up all of side A) are really spacey sounding, they feature what sounds like an analogue synth, guitar feedback (?), and what sounds like wind blowing. The latter two feature something being hit and processed through a good deal of echo/reverb. All in all, it's pretty good. Attached are some pics of the artwork. As you can see the info is minimal, just the sleeve (the other side is blank) and the the label info on the other piece of paper."