GARY MUNDY (Ramleh, Skullflower, Breathless, etc.)

Gary Mundy, longtime guitarist for Ramleh, was also a key player off and on during Skullflower's early years. Ramleh began as a pure power-electronics outfit and gradually evolved into high-decibel live improv involving noisy guitars and tapes; along the way Mundy has played in a number of other (usually one-off) projects. He currently plays in Breathless.


A mysterious early rock group co-founded by Gary Mundy. More details as I uncover them. The duo also appeared as backing musicians on the debut album by poetess Anne Clark.


Gary Mundy has recorded at least one album under this name.

THE RUBY KENNEL CLUB (1996) [Freek Records] (Gary Mundy side project)


Ramleh guitarist Gary Mundy has, concurrently with Ramleh and his other skronk projects, played in the UK pop/darkwave band Breathless since the early eighties. They have an extensive discography that I'm not going to get into here; check the link for more details. WARNING ACHTUNG FNORD: Breathless sounds absolutely nothing like Ramleh or Skullflower, so be forewarned if you go out investigating the discs....