A split cassette on Strength Through Awareness with Ramleh on one side and Nails ov Christ on the other. This has also been released on Mindscan tapes, which is/was run by Robert Maycock of Satori, who also released material on Broken Flag. Strength Through Awareness is the self-operated label of Thee Grey Wolves, a power electronics group from the UK. Nails ov Christ may be the solo project of one of the members of Thee Grey Wolves, possibly David Padbury. The Ramleh side was also issued on Broken Flag as LIVE PHENOL, and all of this Ramleh material also appears on one of the CDs in the Ramleh trilogy WE CREATED IT, NOW LET'S TAKE IT OVER on Pure.


SIDE 1: RAMLEH Drancy, Emaciator, Phenol, Fistfuck, McCarthy
SIDE 2: NAILS OV CHRIST For the Artaman of the Moors