Supposedly pressed in 1992 by Noiseville. According to one source, SHOOTER'S HILL by Ramleh and SKULLFLOWER by Skullflower both exist on CD apiece in an edition of one, done by Noiseville. The Skullflower CD was apparently planned for release on Noiseville by then the band decided they didn't like it and released LAST SHOT AT HEAVEN instead. Jim (of Noiseville) claims to have both CDs, which he apparently will not sell and will not allow to be released until he dies and his wife sells his record collection.

Jim's response to seeing this tidbit o' info:
"A friend of mine gave me the address to your Skullflower page. Very impressive. They're a band that sure deserve a lot more than they get. I noticed the "Shooters Hill" and "Skullflower" CD-R's made it into your discography. Well, to be accurate, the bands have one copy each of those CD's too (2 were made of each... we were going to make 3, but I couldn't afford it). I told them to release the stuff, did they ever do it? I lost touch with them...."

Ramleh has since released SHOOTERS HILL as part of the double-CD WORKS III. Two songs from the original SKULLFLOWER 12" LP appear in remixed form on RUINS.