An apparently live album featuring both Ramleh and Skullflower. Released on Broken Flag in 1995. Where it was recorded is a good question. The "liner notes" are an insane hodgepodge of deliberately confusing information that directly contradicts the back cover track listing, so I'm ignoring it, okay? Ha! HA! I say, HA!

Skullflower at this time were:

Matthew Bower: Guitar, horn, whistle
John Godbert: Horn, whistle
Stuart Dennison: Drums, whistle
Russell Smith: Guitar, recorder
Richard Youngs: Organ tape on (i)
Philip Best, T. Hodgkinson: extra blowing on (iv)

Ramleh at this time were:

Gary Mundy: Guitar
Philip Best: Moog
Stuart Dennison: Drums


Skullflower: In to the void (i) Glassy Air Pipe, ii) Blanket/Unfurling, iii) Cool Hum of Power, iv) Rudderless)

Ramleh: Toronto Blessing