"Evel Knievel/Teenage Lightning/Diamond Bullet"

Released in 1992 on Sympathy For The Record Industry. Cover art by Pablo Savant.

Skullflower at this time were:

Matthew Bower: Guitar, vocal on "e.k.," violin on "d.b."
Stuart Dennison: Drums, tape on "d.b."
Anthony di Franco: Guitar on "e.k."
Marlon Brando: Kurtz on "d.b."
EMS Drone on "d.b." courtesy of Alex Binnie

"Evel Knievel" recorded 7/91 at AO Millom by Barry Vernon.
"Teenage Lightning" recorded 10/90 at JTI London by Ian McKay.
"Diamond Bullet" recorded 4/92 at AO Millom by Barry Vernon.