Released in 1992 on HeadDirt, the label established by Godflesh guitarist Justin Broadrick. Good stuff. There appears to be some peculiar inside joke going on regarding the titles, many of which are cribbed from/parodies of other, more well known songs by the likes of The Stooges, Jefferson, Airplane, King Crimson, and Blue Oyster Cult. I have no idea what this means. Perhaps that they have a sardonic sense of humor?

Skullflower at this time was:

Matthew Bower: Guitar
Stuart Dennison: Drums, vocal
Anthony di Franco: Bass

Recorded 90/91 at JTI, London by the Godlike Ian MacKay


Can You Feel It?, Black Rabbit, Larks Tongues, Center Puss, Saturnalia, Rotten Sun, Vanadis, Godzilla, Spoiler