This album was released by Shock in 1990 and consists of new tracks, tracks from the first ep SKULLFLOWER, and from the first album FORM DESTROYER; some of the tracks have been remixed. The lineup for these tracks is a bit confusing; the listing below hopefully makes some sense of it all.

Skullflower at this time were:

Matthew Bower -- guitar on all tracks
Stuart Dennison -- drums on 3, 4, 6, 7
Stefan Jaworzyn -- guitar on 1-6, 8-10
JFK -- drums on 1, 2, 5
Gary Ramleh -- guitar on 7-10
Stephen Thrower -- bass (?) on 8, 9

Artwork -- Disc: Savage Pencil; Insert: Alex Binnie


Eat the Stars, Black Ass Bone, Birthdeath (remix), Grub Song (remix), Elephant's Graveyard, Big Muff, Thirsty Animal, Woodland Death March (remix), Solar Anus (remix), Procession of Eternity [1-2: previously unreleased; 3-4: from first EP; 5-10: from first album]