Released in 1996 on Sympathy For The Record Industry, a label more usually known for issuing punk/garage bands like Muff, Oblivians, and April March. Hmmmm.... This album marks the beginning of a new, quieter period for Skullflower, and has one of the more complicated lineups of their oevure. Refer to the unusually detailed notes below for more....

Skullflower at this time were (essentially, plus guests):

Matthew Bower: Guitar, toy piano, noises
Stuart Dennison: Drums, viola, violin
Russell Smith: Guitar


1, 3 recorded at Tennyson Road, 5/13/95, and subsequently retouched at Millom, 5/26/95. (Russell Smith: guitar; Matthew Bower: guitar, toy piano, car speaker feed)
2, 5 recorded at DNA London, 6/16/95. (Philip Bower: guitar; Matthew Bower: guitar, tremelo feedback; Stuart Dennison: drums, viola)
4 recorded at VPRO radio station, Amsterdam, 2/14/95. (Matthew Bower: guitar; Stuart Dennison: violin; John Golbert: whistle; Russell Smith: guitar)
6 recorded 6/15/95 at the Garage, London. (Stuart Dennison: viola; Matthew Bower: guitar)
7 recorded by Russell alone at Tennyson Road in 1995. (Russell: guitar; Xaviera: vocal)
8, 9 recorded at AO Millom, 2/93. (Matthew Bower: guitar; Stuart Dennison: drums, vocal; Russell Smith: guitar. # 9 basic tracks recorded at DNA, 9/92, with A. di Franco: guitar)
Engineered at DNA by Ian McKay and at AO by Barry Vernon.
Thank you: Philip Bower, Philip Best, Gary Mundy, Richard Youngs, Grace and Patti, Muddy and Ro-Ra, and Kalifornia.
Free Shane.


The Lords of Increase, 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Secs., Cut Loose 1 + 11, Golden Hair, Morning Dew, Cicada, Surf Creature, Ponyland, Fake Revolt