This was released in 1990 on Shock in both vinyl and CD formats. Both versions were limited to 1,000 copies each, and both are out of print. Due to a problem at the cd pressing plant, the cd is prone to "disc rot," in which the metallic covering oxides over time, rendering the cd unplayable. To the best of my knowledge, most (if not all) copies of the run out there are unlistenable at this point. It's a point worth nothing because the cd has three tracks not available on the album (or anywhere else), and due to a fundamental disagreement between Bower and Jaworzyn over the mixing (the reason, in fact, for Jaworzyn's departure from the group), it's unlikely that the band will ever reissue it. Which is too bad, because a lot of people (myself included) think this is Skullflower's best album. The cover art is by Savage Pencil.

Skullflower at this time were:

Matthew Bower: guitar on 2, 4; bass on 1, 3; vocal on 3
Stefan Jaworzyn: guitar on 1-4
Alex Binnie: bass on 4


Slaves, Sunset, Xaman, Wave
CD only: What Did You Expect?, The Shit Hits the Fan, Barbed Wire Animal