This album, by the Ascension offshoot Descension, was released by Shock on CD in 1995. The first track is from a performance on March 10, 1995, played in a creche and recorded by Jo Fell; the remaining tracks are from March 3, 1995 performance ("played in a horrible gymnasium") and recorded by Peter Nix.


Simon H. Fell: double bass
Tony Irving: drums
Stefan Jaworzyn: guitar
Charles Wharf: alto & soprano saxophones, bass clarinet

Notes: Photos by Jo Fell
Quote printed on the disc reads: "There's a danger that the revival of radical interest in free jazz associated with St. Thurston et al (and spurred by John Zorn's rentacore exploits) will lead to a hideously reactionary thrombosing of the music - with an uncritical reverence for pure energy and the thrill factor of dissonance." (Will Montgomery, The Wire, July '94)


Walthamstow - March 10, 1995 (48:19)
Leeds - March 3, 1995 -- Set 2, Part 1 (17:54), Set 2, Part 2 (12:20)