The latest official installment from Sunroof!, this time a double-cd on VHF Records. Matthew Bower is joined this time around by Neil Campbell, Rosalie Bower, Richard Youngs, and Jazzfinger.


Disc 1: Gold Carnation Legacy

1, 2. Columbine Kisses
3. Chirrups of Certain Being
4. Gold Carnation Legacy
5. Star Sound
6. Distoria
7. Bells
8, 9. Cloud Generator in the BBBlue
10. Sky of China

Disc 2: Embroidered Birdsong Nearly Meadows

1. Dirty Joke From Outer Space
2. Dance of the Blessed Spirits
3. Her Peacocks Fly Amain
4. DJFOS 2
5. Bitterne Storm Over Minfield