Released in 1994 by Freek Records. Matthew Bower and a few friends making really obnoxious sounds. Much noisier than previous releases.

Matthew Bower: guitars, classical guitar (1), vaccum cleaner (3), metals (5), radio (6)
John Godbert: egyptian twin-reed on 1
Simon Wickham-Smith: organ on 4
Russell Smith: second guitar on 4, 6

Track 1 was recorded at the Tannery, Ulverston (June 15, 1994).
Track 2 was recorded February 1994.
Track 3 was recorded December 1993.
Track 4 was recorded live in London (June 27, 1993); more guitars overdubbed March 1994.
Track 5 was recorded June 1994.
Track 6 was recorded January 1994.

Thank You: Rosalie Mae, Louise, Wriothesley, S.F., B.F., R & S


Tannery #1, Hustler, Mercurius Duplex, Nowhere Shining, Lift Every Voice, Azure Dragon