Philip Best, in addition to releasing material on Broken Flag, also released a fair amount of stuff on his own Iphar label. An incomplete discography follows:

Regarding the obscure Consumer Electronics cassette PUBLIC ATTACK 3 (not released on Iphar, but related), David Minshall has this to say: "I was at this Public Attack. It was while Philip was at school, and was held in the school hall in October 1982. Can't recall eactly what the event was now, but it was basically school bands playing for the other pupils. I'd been in touch with Philip a few months and he invited me along. I was amazed they let him stay on actually. The hall was pretty empty, and CE was one of the first to come on. Philip gave me the master tape of the Attack which I sold copies of for a while (with his sanction). All copies I sold were individually numbered on the sleeve. It had two different 'catalogue numbers' on it, the earliest being GPC0182, and later MJC0182, but the numbering sequence continued uninterrupted. There were probably about 120-150 sold, each one being duplicated from the master when an order was received." [Also taken from the PostMortem list]