Sacha Colgate, a Skullflower follower from the UK, provided this information regarding Ramleh. All the information on this page is credited to Sacha....

Ramleh have performed live on several occasions within the 90's, as follows:

As A. di Franco has already mentioned about Skullflower, Ramleh also performed in Northampton in 1992. The others bands were Headbutt, Splintered and Cable Regime. Ramleh's set for this gig is actually printed on the back of the "Say Fuck" single, but from what I can remember, the set included "Shooter's Hill," "Loser Patrol," "Shit of the Alchemist," "Black Moby Dick" and others. The lineup was: G. Mundy, P. Best, A. diFranco, S. Dennison.

The first time I saw them was at The Bull & Gate in London around September 1994 (where Skullflower and Bodychoke also played). Line up was same as above, with the addition of Stuart Rossiter (second guitar). Set included "Say Fuck" and "Trapped Aircraft."

At some point in 1995, they played in Birmingham, at an unknown venue, possibly arranged by power electronics archivist and magazine contirbutor Phil Taylor (Has written for GRIM HUMOUR and EST as well as a couple of others). Line up: G Mundy, P Best, S Dennison plus M Bower (second guitar). No idea of set list, I'm afraid.

Later on this year, they performed as the Mundy/Best/Dennison trio at the Bull & Gate in London. The set consisted entirely of a lengthy improvised version of "Pris" (or "Pristine Womankind"). From what I remember, they did a good gig here. This gig can also be found as the Ramleh contribution on the ADIEU ALL YOU JUDGES CD.

A diFranco returned to Ramleh soon after this to make his (usual) important contributions towards the forthcoming BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR CD sessions. In Mar/April 1996, Ramleh performed at Upstairs at the Garage, at another "Freek Records Night." Perfoming with Skree and Bodychoke, their set contained "Gemini," "Elite Gymnastics," two instrumental pieces (one was distinctly improvised, the other sounded quite progressive -- in a good sense, mind!) and "Trapped Aircraft". Line up was G. Mundy, P. Best, A. diFranco and S. Dennison. An impressive concert by them, a lot of people enjoyed them, and the band were actually the best thing of the night.

Towards September 1996, Ramleh played a gig arranged by Russell Smith at a venue called the Pigeons in Stratford, London (really an enormous upstairs room at a very large pub). The line up was the same as the last mentioned gig, and the set was as follows: Gemini, 8 Ball Corner Pocket, Say Fuck, Night Hair Child, Elite Gymnastics, Time for a Little Something (awesome 25-minute raucous 'cover' of Neu's "Weissensee") and Trapped Aircraft.

Since then, Ramleh have played again at venues in Birmingham and Northampton with the above line-up.

Ramleh have also performed a live broadcast for San Francisco's KFJC radio station. Performed in the first week of January 1996, with the G Mundy, P Best, A diFranco & S Dennison line-up, they played a long set. The performance was at JTI Studio in London, and was engineered by Ian Mackay for live broadcast to KFJC in San Francisco via ISDN link. According to the KFJC people who I later met at the Ascension live broadcast, Ramleh included in their set "Caligula" and a wild version of "Trapped Aircraft". I remember Ian saying that he was most impressed with Ramleh's performance, and that he'd like to do this sort of thing more often!

KFJC Live Broadcasts to San Francisco

These sessions were arranged in late 1995 by Graham Lambkin of The Shadow Ring, who made contact with the KFJC people. So in December 95/January 96, two of the KFJC crew brought themselves from San Francisco to Ian Mackay's JTI studio in Brixton. Setting up an ISDN link via a humble telephone line, and connecting said line to the JTI 16-track mixing desk, the bands concerned were able to deliver performances that were stunningly clear in their transmissions halfway across the world, and (judging by the Ascension performace I was fortunate enough to witness) the KFJC crew were wildly impressed with the results.

The bands that took part were, in performing order: The Shadow Ring, Ramleh, Ascension and The Bevis Frond (who allegedly were going to perform a three-hour set on a show called "Uncle Al's Hippie Graveyard"!). Ascension's performance was recorded directly to DAT, and of course ended up in it's entirety on the BROADCAST 2-CD set. I think the Shadow Ring may have taped theirs too, although I've never heard of anything being released from this session. Funnily enough, in a break of Ascension's set, KFJC in San Francisco broadcast back some of their show into the studio. The first piece they broadcast was the second track from the second AX LP! When their DJ came back on, he announced the track, saying "I hope you all got the 'messages' contained in the AX grooves" (God knows how I remember all this, but there you go).