PHILIP BEST (Ramleh, Whitehouse, etc.)

This is where Philip Best of Ramleh began, issuing cassettes of electronic thuggery on his own Iphar label. Said works have since been compiled into a a three-lp box set on RRR, composed entirely of early works and pre-Skullflower material. Rumors abound that Whitehouse vocalist William Bennett appears on the live disc, which is entirely possible, although it's never been confirmed. Philip Best joined Whitehouse in 1982 or 1983, around the sa me time much of this material was recorded, so it's a distinct possibility. He later left the band and has gone back and forth several times. He appears on Whitehouse's RIGHT TO KILL, HALOGEN, and their latest one QUALITY TIME, plus the live Whitehouse CD released by the Japanese Fanclub Fanatics.


CASSETTES: See the Iphar page for full details on the CE cassettes.
HORN OF THE GOAT (with Merzbow) (1995) [Freek Records]

NOTES: According to William Rieder in a post to the PostMortem mailing list, the Iphar release of LEATHERSEX contains material that later shows up on the RRR 3-LP box set CONSUMER ELECTRONICS and on the Pure CD TEENAGE NUREMBURG. The mixes may be different; he has yet to go back and compare them that closely. It appears there is also a 70-copy bootleg LP of LEATHERSEX originating from Italy that sounds nothing like the cassette or the LP version.

In the same post, he also makes this observation: "There also seems to be another release of this on cassette. I just received a bunch o' cassettes, and one of them is CE-Leathersex, but put out on a different label (no name, orange J-card) using the same tape stock (Denon Jack IV-60) as the CE-"Noise War 6 (Rome 8/90)" double cassette. It starts off with the same track as the boot LP, but has the Lennon/Manson stuff on side B as well. A little slower than the Produktion vinyl (which seems to be the case with most of those transfers) with better bass response. I wonder is someone mixed up tapes and one of these differing versions (RRRon's perhaps) is actually CE2 or some such stuff."

Sacha Colgate notes the following: ON the RRR 3-LP set, the 'Live' tracks are as follows: 1 side was a performance at the Centro Iberico (1982) sup porting Whitehouse. The other was at his school, aged 14 (!). Paul Wild initially told me about this, and thought it an amusing if apocryphal story. However, when I asked A diFranco about this, he stated that this info. was totally correct. On the 'Leathersex' LP, the track listing was lost.


CASSETTES: ON TO '83 (1982) [Broken Flag] (insert)
LPs / CDs: none

NOTES: A short-lived project with Gary Mundy that evolved into Ramleh.